Linear Fence
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After setting up the string line, the Post is now ready for Pounding. Use a pounder machine to have the 8' steel post pound to the ground for 4' deep.
Make sure the area is ready for fence Installation. If you noticed the thread pink colour it is a string line. Set it from end post to end post to have a straight line for pounding Post.
How We Install The Fence?
When all the post has been pounded to the ground it looked like in the picture and make it sure it is aligned one after the other.
Then the Steel Post is ready for the black Collar to slide in.
After sliding the Vinyl Post and the Bottom Rail, the one that holds the panels. Then this is now ready for the board to slide in.
This is how it look like now? The Vinyl post is now ready to slide in
​Steel Post should be Pounded 4ft sticking up.
Noticed the string line again? We always used it one after other materials we slide  in, in the steel post.See that black thing on top of the steel post we call it Black Collar. That is the reason why the string line is used again. Making sure the Black collar will be aligned 

Slide in the board one by one inside the bottom rail lock it with the Tongue and Groove of the panel.